Misun Won inspired from Korean traditional patchworked wrapping cloth called ‘Jogakbo’ and its scientific interpretation with fractal geometry theory. She wants to associate the beauty of rhythmical structure from Jogakbo with her jewellery using a ‘patchwork’ of circles and ovals. As the composition of Jogakbo is based on nature, she employs the fractal geometry in order to analyse the complex compositions of Jogakbo. Her in-depth study in the fractal geometry and Jogakbo helps her to create dynamic structures for her collection. She makes a variety of structures and patterns from one sheet of silver, creating playful forms on their own or in combination with colourful gem stones and other materials such as silk cord. She also applies Korean ancient gilding technique called ‘Keumboo(24ct gold foil)’ for her jewellery to maximise the complexity of patterns and structures.

Misun Won started developing her currier in the field of jewellery in 1998 from South Korea, her country of origin. She undertook Master degree course and worked as an artist in residency at Edinburgh College of Art. From 2008, She started working as a professional jewellery artist in UK after exhibiting at New Designers, and then showed at Origin, Goldsmiths’ Fair, and Collect followed by other major UK craft shows. Since then she has exhibited throughout UK, Europe, and US including SOFA New York/Chicago and American Craft Council Baltimore Show.