Misun Won’s jewellery is often associated with the delicacy of highly refined handcraft skill in East. Her extensive experience of living and working in both Britain and Korea has given her the broader cultural outlook she sought when moving away from home. It has enabled her to position herself in what she calls “neutral territory” and to examine both cultures with “fresh eyes”. The influences of both countries can be seen in her work: a major inspiration is Korean patchwork, but this highly traditional form is interpreted through Western fractal geometry. She wants to associate the beauty of rhythmical playful structure from Jogakbo with her jewellery. As the composition of Jogakbo is based on nature, she employs the fractal geometry in order to analyze the complex compositions of Jogakbo. Her in-depth study in the fractal geometry and Jogakbo helps her to create dynamic structures for her collection. Her meditative making process is an act of pray for wearers as the act of imbuing auspicious qualities with her jewellery parallels the wish of ancient Korean house wives who made Jogakbo for their family members.


After graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2008 with a master degree, she worked at the college as an artist in residency and a visiting lecturer. She recently won a finalist in professional category in contemporary jewelry awards Enjoia’t, FAD, Barcelona 2011 and a gold award for Fashion Production Jewellery in Goldsmiths' Craftsmanship & Design Award in 2008. She has been exhibiting her jewellery in UK, Europe, and USA. Now she is working in her cozy studio at Coburg House Art Studios & Gallery in Leith, Edinburgh.